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November 28 - Although the Snickers Brusky Memorial Fundraiser officially ended August 30, late donations have come in, and they are always welcome. The latest donation to come in pushed the fundraiser's total over $1,750.

November 28
- I went to the pharmacy to refill my cat's insulin prescription, and was shocked the price. I was expecting to pay approximately $185 for Lantus, but a biosimilar glargine from Mylan was just released to the market which dropped the price to under $40. So the cost of Arthur's insulin regimen decreased from approximately $3.90/day to 95¢/day. What a relief!

November 26
- NEW SINGLE RELEASED! My blues-rock song Get Your Butt Down to the Lodge is now out and available on all major streaming and subscription services.

November 14
- The digital distribution of Escape to Polka Paradise will be delayed several more months. Originally I was going submit the album to streaming and download services (Amazon, Spotify, YouTube Music, etc.) shortly after Christmas, but I'm rescheduling the digital release for Aoril or May. This delay is intentional to help boost compact disc sales for retailers who will be traveling to various polka events this winter and spring.



Fri. 2

Essen Haus, Madison, WI
Sat. 3

Essen Haus, Madison, WI
Sat. 10

Camp Wisco - The Sylvee, Madison, WI

Tue. 20

Pat's Oak Manor, South Milwaukee, WI




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