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July 16 - Bryan O'Donnell, a staple in the polka-variety circuit around Milwaukee for many decades and a friend of mine for over 35 years, needs your prayers. He just informed me of his recently-received diagnosis of terminal cancer of the liver, and has allowed me to share this information. Bryan will be receiving chemotherapy and further testing, but at this time, he's enduring a lot of pain and is unable to perform. Please keep Bryan in your thoughts and prayers.

May 29
- Congratulations to my cat Arthur for being such a trouper. Tonight, he will be receiving his 2,000th injection of insulin. His diabetic needs have had a significant impact on my life; for the past 2½ years, I've been unable to be away from home more than 12 hours at a time. But that's OK. Pets aren't assetts. They're family.

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