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Celebrating 25 Years on the World Wide Web


June 4, 2021 - I've just learned of the passing of Agatha Ulrich. Though so many people undoubtedly knew her for her philanthropy, I remember her only as a friend and avid supporter of my band for over twenty years.
Shortly after her husband David passed away, she began bringing photos for framing into the gallery where I worked. It was there she learned I had a band, and ever since then, she'd been coming out to hear us play and hiring us for Tri-City events.
I was fortunate over the years to meet Agatha's family members and many of her caretakers. It was through her daughter Kathie that I acquired my cat Arthur, whom she found as a stray on Agatha's property in 2012.
My sincere condolences to Agatha's family, and my heartfelt thanks to all those who cared for her over the years. I have no doubt she's now running as swiftly and freely as a bird, and giving the angels a run for their money on Heaven's tennis court.

June 1, 2021
- A new oldies rock & roll single is out!




June 12

Polka Fest, New Glarus, WI

June 26

Ten Club Park, Waterford, WI




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