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Arthur Diagnosed with Diabetes
August 31, 2021

Back in Spring, I noticed Arthur stopped rushing for the automated feeder whenever it would dispense food. I didn't think much of it, but a couple months later I could tell that he had lost weight. I wasn't too concerned since he was always a heavier cat, but the weightloss didn't stop. He had lost about four pounds. Out of concern, I brought him in to see his doctor, and tests positively confirmed he had become diabetic.

This was tough news, because I am already dealing with a cat (Snickers) who is costing a few thousand dollars a year in medical bills and may be facing a $6,000 surgery. Now I am looking at a future of Arthur needing daily injections of insulin for the rest of his life, which, at best, will cost several hundred dollars a year. And both cats are now on prescription food. This is an unwelcome expense, not to mention the fact that as Arthur's only at-home caregiver, I will not be able to take so much as an overnight vacation for the remainder of his life, which I hope will be at least another seven years.

Like many pet owners in this situation, I played out several scenarious in my head. It goes without saying that if I did not have either cat, I'd have more money, I'd have more freedom, and I wouldn't have to work as hard to keep my home clean. (My vacuum cleaner collects enough black fur in one week to make a whole new cat.)

But earlier tonight as I was doing laundry in the basement, Snickers came down to play "catch me if you can" and squeaked with delight as I chased him around. And later that night, Arthur jumped up onto my bed and onto my pillow, and nuzzled against me purring like a kitten.

There's absolutely no way I could take the life out of these two cats. Nothing I'd gain from doing that would be worth it. When Snickers and Arthur are feeling well, they are full of joy and contentment. I'm committed to doing whatever it will take to keep them that way.

Fortunately, Arthur doesn't seem to mind the injections. The needles are thin and short (think of a big mosquito) and he likes the taste of his new prescription food. The biggest challenge will be whether or not I can maintain a regimented injection schedule. Some weeks it will be impossible since my schedule as a performing musician can be crazy, but I'll do the best I can.

UPDATE: Arthur weathered the test injections just fine at the vet, but it's a very different story at home. He leaps away and bolts out of the room, making the injections impossible. And his food intake is way below average, making it so that any insulin could do him harm. I'll be in contact with his doctor this week to help find a solution.

The Band is Available for Saturday, October 2nd
August 31, 2021


If you're wondering what's so special about October 2nd, it's the first Saturday in October — a day that's always been one of the busiest days of the year for polka bands during the Oktoberfest season. We were booked to play for the annual Oktoberfest in Rockford, Illinois as we've done for many years, but just the other week I found out it was canceled.

Like any other band, when we are booked for an event on a particular date, we obviously have to turn down all other booking requests we receive to play on that same date. While we were booked for Rockford, we turned down five other requests for October 2nd. So not only did we lose the Oktoberfest in Rockford, but we also lost the opportunity to play for any one of those other five events.

If you are having an Oktoberfest event on Saturday, October 2nd for which you need live polka music, this is a rare opportunity to hire a top band on short notice. I know that sounds like a marketing pitch, but it honestly isn't. When it comes to the last two Saturdays in September and the first Saturday in October, there are far more Oktoberfest events taking place than there are polka bands available to cover them.

We will entertain all inquires on a first-come–first-serve basis. Due to the rate at which inquiries can roll in for key Oktoberfest dates, we will give each interested party 24 hours to accept or reject our contract. If no response is received, the opportunity to hire us will then shift to the next inquiry in line.

Update: September 10 – We are booked for an event during the day on October 2nd, but we are still available to book an evening event.

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