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Catalog #: PP5041
Released: April 15, 2019
Written, produced, and performed by: Tom Brusky
Vocalist: Shayna
Length: 3:51

"Emergency" is an original, contemporary, high-energy, Top-40-style tune with flavors of dance-pop, synthwave, and EDM. Tom put approximately 90 hours of production this song, which he began writing in December of 2018 and finished recording in April of 2019.
Several years ago while scouting and auditioning vocalists for his "Holidays in Music" album, Tom was introduced to Shayna, a phenomenally talented vocalist from Chicago. After hearing just a couple of her demo tracks, Tom created this pop song to highlight the range, dynamics, and sonic breadth of her voice.
KevinBmelo is an established, young rapper from Milwaukee with a bright future ahead. Out of more than a dozen rappers who auditioned, Melo was able to hone in on the perfect balance of equable tone and attitude for the song.

Emergency    Tom Brusky  ©2019


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