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Light the Way (single)
Tom Brusky, 2020 

Catalog #: PP5047
Released: June 1, 2020
Written, produced, and performed by: Tom Brusky
Vocalist: Anonymous
Choir: Kevin Adams, Tom Brusky, David Cuny, Anja Dolinšek, Mark Dubravec,
     Jana Engel, Keith Gennerman, Lenny Gomulka, Toby Hanson, Carlos Herrera,
     Kathy Kozlowski, Lilian Naef, Nathan Neuman, Jim Pekol, Jordan Rody, Mike
     Schneider, Sebastian Stefański, Drew Wilson, Gabe Yurkovich, Fred Ziwich

Length: 4:28

<>When times get tough, you can always count on musicians to come together in creative ways to help lift everyone's spirits. The COVID-19 pandemic is doing a lot of damage, but it's also bringing out the very best in musicians all over the world. In every genre of music, they're uniting to share their collaborative talents on songs of hope and encouragement. That spirit of unity is what fueled the creation of this song. Light the Way was written and recorded by Tom Brusky to help people of faith navigate through this difficult time.

What makes this song wonderfully unique is that it's an all-volunteer, collaborative effort by a mix of pros and semi-pros from all corners of the music industry. The choir featured on the last chorus is made up of musicians and vocalists from North America, Europe, and Asia. They understood the importance of the song's purpose and message, and graciously donated their time and talent. Each person recorded their vocal track at home and sent it to Tom, who compiled all of the individual tracks into the choir you hear on the song.

The lead vocal was performed by a highly accomplished and well-known pop/country artist who anonymously lent her talent to this project.

Light the Way is a free gift to anyone and everyone who could use a spiritual boost during these uncertain times, so there is no charge to download the song. In lieu of paying the usual 99¢ download fee, please consider putting an extra dollar in your church's collection plate on Sunday.

Light the Way    Tom Brusky  2020

 Light the Way

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