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Polka Band (single)
Parody of "Rock & Roll Band" by Donald T. Scholz © Universal Music Works o/b/o Primary Wave Boston
2020, Tom Brusky LLC 

Catalog #: PP5048
Released: November 26, 2020
Produced and performed by: Tom Brusky
Music & Original Lyrics by: Tom Scholz
New Lyrics by: Tom Brusky
Vocalist: Niklas Turmann
Length: 3:10

In 1976, a band from Massachusetts released one of the most influential rock albums of all time. The band's name is Boston, and one of the many hits from that debut album was the song, Rock & Roll Band, written by the band's founder Tom Scholz. The song's lyrics chronicle a rock band's humble beginning to their rise in popularity, performing all over New England and securing a record deal.

Polka Band is a parody of Rock & Roll Band. The lyrics were rewritten by Tom Brusky to chronicle a polka band's humble beginning to their rise in popularity, performing all over Wisconsin and getting played on the radio.

Tom spent weeks in the studio doing his best to recreate the iconic Boston sound, but wait until you hear the phenomenal vocal performance of Niklas Turmann. There are not many vocalists who can belt in the alto range like Boston's original lead singer, the late Brad Delp. The search to find a vocalist led Tom to Niklas, who is a world-touring singer and guitar virtuoso studying at a music conservatory in Hannover, Germany.

From Tom Brusky:
"I dedicate this release to two people: my brother John, and my friend and fellow drummer, BB Carter. John introduced me to the music of Boston in the mid 1980s, and Carter's love for this music is equaled only by his impressive knowledge of the genre, which helps to make long, late-night roadtrips coming back from band gigs enjoyable and entertaining.

"My sincere thanks go out to Niklas Turmann for his incredible talent and dedication to the project, and to Boston and the folks at Universal Music Group for allowing this humorous adaptation of a classic song to be shared with the world, especially now, when so much of the world needs a good laugh."

Polka Band    Tom Brusky  2020

 Polka Band

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