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Cruisin' in My Crown Vic (single)
© Tom Brusky, 2021

Catalog #: PP5049
Released: June 1, 2021
Written, produced, and performed by: Tom Brusky
Vocalist: Dan Tutsch
Additional musicians: Don Hunjadi (tenor sax)

Length: 3:26

Believe it or not, Tom Brusky was once a cruiser, although his cruising days don't go as far back as the 1950s — Tom was a cruiser in the late 1980s. Going by the CB handle Annihilator, he often met with friends on Saturday nights and cruised "The Strip" which was the cruisers' moniker for Highway 100 in West Allis, Wisconsin.

In May of 1990, cruising on Highway 100 was banned. At the time the ban was established, Tom was driving a Ford LTD coupe. It wasn't a Crown Victoria, but a decade later in June of 2001, Tom did buy a Ford Crown Victoria. He created this song to celebrate his 20th year owning the car.

The 1990 cruising ban has been in effect for more than thirty years now, but that hasn't deterred a whole new generation of kids from tearing up Highway 100 on summer weekends with their muscle cars, rice racers, and donorcycles.

"Cruisin' in My Crown Vic" is arranged and performed in the style of classic 1950s rock and roll. Tom engineered and mixed the song to reflect the vintage sound of the era, and even designed the artwork to look like a vintage record cover. The artwork is a 1990 photo
of a 20-year-old Tom Brusky from his cruising days.

Two of Milwaukee's top musicians from the polka circuit, Dan Tutsch and Don Hunjadi, are the featured artists.

Cruisin' in My Crown Vic    Tom Brusky  ©2021

 Cruisin' in My Crown Vic

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