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My Daddy Lives On (single)
© Tom Brusky, 2022

Catalog #: PP5050
Released: February 16, 2022
Written, produced, and performed by: Tom Brusky
Vocalist: Jessica Lynne Witty
Additional vocalists: Meg Morgan, William Ray
Additional musicians: Kurt Baumer - fiddle

Length: 4:16

My Daddy Lives On is a song about a song — an old country folk song that a father taught his daughter when she was a child. After the daughter married and started a family, she would encounter tough times, but she'd remember the song to help her get through them. Even long after her father has passed away, she still finds his wisdom and guidance in the song's lyrics. Country artist Jessica Lynne Witty delivers a stellar, emotional vocal performance.

My Daddy Lives On    Tom Brusky  ©2022

 My Daddy Lives On

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