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In This Quiet Refuge (single)
© Tom Brusky, 2022

Catalog #: PP5051
Released: May 18, 2022
Written, produced, and performed by: Tom Brusky
Vocalists: Betillo Arellano and Nicki Gonzalez
Length: 3:54

The search for the perfect vocalist for this song led to striking gold with Nicki Gonzalez, an exceptionally-talented industry veteran from California. Nicki used her incredible range and power to knock this song out of the park.

Betillo Arellano,
who was featured on Tom's 2018 album Positively Polka singing a duet with Mollie B (and will be featured on Tom's upcoming polka album this year) is a phenomenal, classically-trained vocalist from Illinois.

The combination of Betillo and Nicki is what makes this song shine. They both instinctively knew how to interpret the style, and the result was simply heavenly.

In This Quiet Refuge    Tom Brusky  ©2022

 In This Quiet Refuge

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