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Go Rest High on That Mountain (single)
A Musical Tribute to Steve Meisner
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Catalog #: PP5057
Released: June 28, 2023
Produced and performed by: Tom Brusky
Music & lyrics by: Vince Gill (Lyrical adaptation by Tom Brusky)
Vocalists: Abby Broeniman, Mollie B, Craig Palmer
Additional musicians: Jerry Bieniek, Don Hunjadi
Length: 4:38

We all process tragic events in our own ways, and one of the outlets to which I turn is creating music. When Steve Meisner passed away and it felt as if the world had stopped spinning, I felt compelled to record a song in tribute to his life and legacy.

"Go Rest High on That Mountain", written and composed by Vince Gill, is one of the prettiest, most poignant memorial songs I've ever heard. I never had any plans to record a cover of it, but when Steve died, I knew it would be a fitting song to record in tribute to him. My apologies to Vince for modifying his original lyrics, but to personalize the song about Steve, I needed to make a few lyrical changes and additions.

Joining me on this song are two of my fellow bandmates from Steve's band: Jerry Bieniek and Don Hunjadi, two of the best singers in polka music: Abby Broeniman and Mollie B, and Nashville-based session vocalist Craig Palmer. My thanks to all of them as well as Ted Lange for their hard work and contributions to this project.

Steve Meisner was a generous man who gave so much of himself. To honor his memory, much of the work that went into this production was donated, and I've covered the cost of the licensing to make it free for everyone to play and/or download.

The video is approximately 5 ¾ minutes long. The music starts 30 seconds into it. Below the video is a music player where you can play the song and download a high-resolution MP3.

It is my sincere wish that this presentation helps to show the world just how impactful Steve Meisner was on the lives of everyone around him. Like his father before him, he forged a sound that forever beautified the landscape of American polka music, and through his kindness, he warmed the hearts of everyone he met. Steve's music will continue to influence me all the rest of my days, and I am proud to have known him as a friend. He will be missed.

May this song bring comfort and peace to Steve's friends and fans all around the world, and especially to his family. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Tom Brusky

Photos courtesy of Steve's social media and private collections

Go Rest High on That Mountain    Tom Brusky  2023

 Go Rest High on That Mountain

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